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Beier Industries

The company operates from the South African based head office of Beier Industries (Pty) Ltd in Pinetown, 15 km from the east coast city of Durban. Beier Industries consists of the following group companies, Beier Safety Footwear, Beier Envirotec, Macbean Beier Plastics

Beier Safety Footwear - Manufactures of Bova Safety Footwear

  1. Safety Shoes and boots
  2. Heat resistance footwear
  3. Police and Military footwear
  4. Security and Military Canvas footwear

Macbean Beier Plastics - Manufactures of Coated Fabrics

  1. PVC / PU Coated Fabrics
  2. PVC Tarpaulin Fabrics
  3. PVC fabrics for the Automotive industry

Beier Envirotec  - Manufactures Technical Textiles, Specialised Media and Filtration Products

  • Manufacture of Woven and Non-Woven media  
  • Manufacture of Specialised Filter Media, Filter Bags & Accessories  
  • Engineering Projects, CFD, Dynamic & Static Modelling  
  • Design, Modification and Maintenance of Filter Plants & Off Gas Systems  
  • Plant & Process Evaluation
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